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Logo Bears - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)
Receive answers to some common questions about ordering logo bears.

OH & PA Approved.

Logo Bears. We have over 500 costume designs for our logo bears. Custom logo bears and teddy bears.

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions:

How long does the whole process take?

To make a sample:  5 - 7 working days.
To make corrections to the sample:  2 days.
Lead time for arrival to Los Angeles: 70 days.

You should allow 90 days for the entire process.  This should be sufficient time.

What are the payment terms?  All terms are prepaid.  We cannot start production or make a sample without first having received payment.

What forms of payment do you accept?  You can pay by Check, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Wire Transfer or American Express. You must complete a
Credit Card Authorization Form for credit card payment.

Do we receive an actual sample for approval?  No.  We send pictures of the sample for approval.  If you require an actual sample, the sample charge is $100.

What are all the costs involved? 

Set-up to make the sample of the logo bear:  $50.00.
Cost of the logo bear:  Prices vary based upon the embroidery and costuming. We provide FREE quotes.
Freight from Los Angeles to your location.  We will provide a freight estimate before we ship.

These are basic prices.  Naturally, pricing varies for each design. Costumes can raise the price and so can large amounts of embroidery.  We always provide a FREE quote once we receive your design specifications.

Do you sell to non-businesses?  Yes.  We will sell to any person or company that meets the minimum order requirements.

Do I need a resale license?  No.  We only ask for a resale certificate from Nevada customers.  The resale certificate means that we do not have to charge sales tax because that company intends to resell the bears.  If you are located in Nevada and do not have a resale number, we will charge sales tax.  You do not pay sales tax if we are shipping the goods outside Nevada.

If you are a Nevada company and want to use your Sales Tax Permit in order to omit the sales tax, please print and complete the
Nevada Resale Declaration.  Please answer the questions on the form using a black ink pen and fax it back it us at (702) 258-4346 with your Purchase Order.

How do you ship the bears from Los Angeles?  We can use by UPS, FedEx or a trucking company.  Our customers are provided a discount when we use Yellow Freight.  However, we can use any company you prefer.  The choice is yours.

How are the logo bears packed?  100 pieces per master carton.  Each master carton weighs about 45 pounds.

Do you give a discount for large orders?  We provide the most competitive quote for each order.  Send us your design and we will provide the best price we can afford.

What is the size of the area for embroidery on the chest?  The embroidery area is 2" wide by 1.5" tall.

Do you work with ASI and SAGE distributors?  Yes.  Please contact our Sales Department to discuss these programs.

Can I receive a sample to see your quality?  Yes.  We provide free samples, but you must pay for the freight.

Where are the logo bears made?  Our factory is located outside of Shanghai, China.

What are the bears filled with?  Each logo bear is a beanie bear.  The head and chest are filled with poly material. The arms and legs are filled with PE Pellets. 

Do you have approval for sales into Ohio and Pennsylvania?
  Yes, our bears are approved for sales in both states.

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FAQs for Logo Bears. Receive answers to Frequently Asked Questions concerning logo bears. FAQs for the production and ordering of logo bears. Order custom teddy bears and logo bears from LogoBears.com. Teddy bears with embroidered logos.

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