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Logo Bears Ordering Information
Information for ordering Promotional Logo Bears.

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Logo Bears. We have over 500 costume designs for our logo bears. Custom logo bears and teddy bears.

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ):
  We keep white fabric in stock.  We do not accept orders below 2,000 pieces.

The minimum order quantity is 2,000 pieces. (you can choose the fabric color by Pantone number)

Generally, we use the same logo bear for all orders.  Our logo bear is 9.25" tall from the bottom of the feet to the top of the skull.  Our bear design is copyrighted, so we usually use the same bear for all orders.  However, we are a plush toy factory.  We can manufacture any unique design or any style of logo animal.

Pricing:  Pricing varies with each order.  Send an email to Sales@LogoBears.com and we can provide a FREE quote for your order.  The set-up charge is $50.00 per embroidered area.  The set-up charge is credited towards orders of 5,000+ pieces.

Fabric color:
  We use special fabric to make our bears.  It is shinny and soft.  We stock white colored fabric.  If you order 2,800+ pieces, you can choose the color of the bear's fabric. Please tell us the Pantone color number.

Eyes:  We use crystal eyes. The pupils are black, but the following eye colors are available:  Black, Brown, Green, Red, Blue and Yellow.  Generally, our customers tend to use brown or blue eyes.

Ribbons:  You choose the ribbon color by Pantone number.  We can also use bow ties or regular neck ties.

Embroidery:  We can embroider anywhere on the bear's fabric. Pricing is related to embroidery. Normally, we embroider onto the front chest of the bear.  The embroidery area is 2" wide and 1.5" tall.  So, if your logo or text font is detailed, certain adjustments will need to be made to your logo/font.  The plush pile of the fabric will hide small lines and thin letters.  That means the logo and the text have to be bold.  Bold text will show through the fabric.  If changes cannot be made to the logo, we suggest using a T-Shirt with a silk-screen printed logo.  The cost of the T-Shirt will raise the price by $0.50 each.

Custom logo bear with T-shirt. Imprinted T-shirts can be used to display your company logo.


You can add a T-shirt to our Standard 9.25" Logo Bear for $0.50 each. A T-shirt is the preferred way to display difficult and detailed logos.

T-shirts are available in an color. Please tell us the Pantone Number for the color of the shirt you prefer.

Logos can be printed on the front or the rear of the T-shirt. You can also imprint onto both sides of the T-shirt. Each shirt is silk-screened with your logo or text. You should send the artwork for the imprinting to your Sales Representative. We will imprint the T-shirt and email you pictures of the T-shirt for approval.

The imprinting set-up charge is $50.00 per side.

Costumes:  We are very imaginative with our costume ideas. Adding a costume to the logo bear does raise the price. Send us pictures to help explain the costume you want.  We have created many unique designs already.  We might already have the costume you need.

Hanging Tags:  We do offer FREE custom hanging tags for orders above 5,000 pieces.  Otherwise, we use our standard hanging tag.  Each hanging tag has the name and date of birth of the beanie bear.  Please tell us what name and date of birth to use. 

Sew-on Labels:  We do offer FREE custom sew-on labels for orders above 5,000 pieces. Otherwise, we use our standard sew-on label.  There is a small amount of legal information included on the sew on label.

Packing:  The logo bears are packed 100 pieces per master carton.  Each master carton contains two inner boxes with 50 pieces per carton.  The inner cartons only add strength to the master carton.  They cannot be used for reshipping.  Generally, one master carton weighs 45 pounds.

Placing your order:  Once you have sent us the artwork for the logo bear and paid the set-up charges, we can start to make your sample. Please fax us or email us your Purchase Order. We will then email you or fax you a copy of the Invoice.  You can pay by Check, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Wire Transfer or American Express.  All terms are prepaid.  You do not need to pay for the production until you have approved the sample of the bear.  We send pictures by email for your approval.

Freight:  Our price quotes do not include the freight from Los Angeles to your location.  We ship from our warehouse located in ZIP CODE 90301.  We do provide a freight estimate for your approval.  We cannot ship until the freight amount has been paid.  We will fax you an Invoice for the freight, once you approve our estimate.  Also, we are happy to ship using your carrier.

You will receive three invoices from us.  One for creating the original sample.  The second to start production of your order.  The third for the freight to your location once the bears have arrived to our warehouse in Los Angeles.  Our prices are quoted FOB Los Angeles. We normally ship by Yellow Transportation or UPS Ground Service.

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Order a logo bear with a rear pocket for business cards or gift cards.  


In addition to embroidering your logo onto the front chest of bear, we also offer satin-lined rear pockets for business cards, gift cards, candy, etc.

- FREE rear pocket upon request.
- Each pocket is satin lined.
- Give a business card with each logo bear.
- Great for gift cards and calling cards.

Logo Bears Ordering Information. Order custom logo bears for corporate giveaways and events.  Ordering Logo Bears is easy. The minimum order is 1,000 pieces for an embroidered logo bear. Order customized logo bears and customized teddy bears.

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